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What is a Golf Network Anyway?
May 11, 2007, 11:49 am
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I suppose that the best way to understand what a golf network is would be to click one of the network links in the menu on the left. Basically, a golf network is an online community for golfers in a particular region. A place where golfers can meet others in their area to get together for a few rounds, discuss golf topics, promote events, sell their old clubs or find a new set, share photos of local courses or even a video from a golf holiday that they just returned from. A golf network is a community for golfers, created by golfers.

I have traveled quite a bit over the past 15 years, and often found myself in new places without knowing too many people. A golf network is a great place to find others to join for a round of golf or maybe just a few rounds at the 19th hole during the Ryder Cup.


New Golf Video Posted on Bellingham Golf Network
May 10, 2007, 11:16 pm
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I found a short video on YouTube of a golfer teeing off at the Lake Padden course in Bellingham, Washington and added it the Bellingham Golf network. The video itself isn’t much to look at, but you just gotta love the sound of a good tee shot. Check out Teeing Off at Lake Padden

Pine Valley Golf Course? What Exit?
May 10, 2007, 10:55 pm
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I can joke about New Jersey because I spent enough time in Bayonne, where my father was born and raised – Avenue A baby! I love New Jersey. Isn’t it for lovers? Well, it is certainly for golfers, and the Pine Valley course is one of the best according to most golf critics. So if you want to play a few rounds at Pine Valley or anywhere else in the Garden State, visit the Pine Valley Golf network and meet other players in the area. Take some pictures for me while you’re out and about and post them on the site so that I can see them. It’s been a few years since I was home.

Golfing in Pebble Beach, California Anytime Soon?
May 10, 2007, 10:51 pm
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Check out the new Pebble Beach Golf network and meet other golfers from the area before you hit the tee box. Ask local golfers from Pebble Beach where to difficult spots are before you swing. Pebble Beach has some beautiful greens. Take your camera with you next time you’re out and snap a few shots (or a video for that matter) and share them with the Pebble Beach Golf community. See ya at the 19th!

Rochester, New York Gets a New Online Golf Community
May 10, 2007, 10:50 pm
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My brother Dan lives in Fairport, New York; so I had to create a social network so he and his buddies could keep in touch with the golf community in Rochester. If you live in Rochester or are planning to visit with your clubs, take a trip to Rochester Golf first and make your arrangements on line before you get there.

New Social Network for Golfers in Bellingham, Washington
May 10, 2007, 10:48 pm
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Why not start with your hometown? We created the first social network for golfers in Bellingham, Washington. Now, golf enthusiasts in the area can meet other local players in Bellingham, post classifieds, share photos and videos, join discussions and keep up-to-date with golf news on Bellingham Golf. So if you are a golfer who lives in the Bellingham area or if you visit Bellingham and want to meet up with other golfers while you are in town, join Bellingham Golf. Once you register and complete your own profile, you can contribute to the site and invite all of your golf pals to join the community. I look forward to seeing you around.

Westchester County (NY) Gets Its First Social Network for Golfers
May 10, 2007, 10:25 pm
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I was born in Westchester County, New York about an hour north of the Big Apple. Peekskill was a great place in the 1970s and 80s. I’m sure it still is. As a tribute to my home town, I decided to add Westchester County to the growing list of golf networks. There are some great golfers in Westchester. Now it is easier for them to meet each other, swap stories and find partners for the Country Club in Rye. If you are in Westchester County and want to meet other golfers in the County, visit Westchester Golf and join the community.